what is conscious leadership

What Is Conscious Leadership?

What Is Conscious Leadership? 4272 2848 Neil Seligman

The world is crying out for Conscious Leaders who are aware, awake, and connected as they rise to the challenges of our times. For millennia, human beings have been on similar journeys of self-discovery, pursuing knowledge, power, health, wealth, purpose,…

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Press: Neil Featured in

Press: Neil Featured in 3960 2640 Neil Seligman

Mindful Guide to Surviving Brexit Brexit seems to be all we can think about right now, and most people are not feeling too great about it. Never fear, Neil gives us a survival guide that will have you feeling considerably…

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The Mindful Guide to Surviving Brexit

The Mindful Guide to Surviving Brexit 3456 4608 Neil Seligman

It is an unusual time to live in the UK. The daily political news grinds the nation ever closer to despair with a dizzying black hole of options, amendments, complications, and contortions. The public looks on at times disillusioned, horrified,…

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Upcoming Event: Soul Ignition Workshop

Upcoming Event: Soul Ignition Workshop 467 467 Neil Seligman

4 October, 2019 – 6 October, 2019 – £535 There are times in life when we all get a bit stuck, sometimes in our thinking, in a job, a role, a relationship, or a place. In this dynamic series of four sessions,…

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Holiday Mindfulness Giveaway!

Holiday Mindfulness Giveaway! 1080 566 Neil Seligman

I am very excited to announce a brand new competition for the 2018 holiday season! On 21st December 2018 I will be giving away over £5000 worth of prizes! You can win: A Soul Portrait Experience with Neil Seligman worth…

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Luxury Mindfulness Retreat with Neil Seligman

Upcoming Event: Luxury Mindfulness Retreat

Upcoming Event: Luxury Mindfulness Retreat 1000 1000 Neil Seligman

This retreat, led by International Mindfulness Advocate Neil Seligman, offers you the opportunity to get away from it all and to reconnect with yourself, all whilst learning the timeless art of mindfulness in the glorious surroundings of Champneys, Forest Mere.…

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Self Care at Work

Self Care at Work 6000 4000 Neil Seligman

Self care is absolutely vital to a balanced and mindful life. Here are 9 mindful tips to help you take best care of yourself at work, today, and every day.  1 Mirror Mindfulness Each time you catch your reflection today use…

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Neil Seligman

Upcoming Event: Mindful Living Show Class

Upcoming Event: Mindful Living Show Class 3200 2133 Neil Seligman

Creative Mindfulness Class with Neil Seligman 30 minutes This is an open Mindfulness class with Neil Seligman suitable for beginners and all levels. Neil will lead practices from his ever popular How-To Guide 100 Mindfulness Meditations. There will be a mix of…

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Neil Seligman Mindfulness Expert

Upcoming Event: Neil at The Mindful Living Show 2019

Upcoming Event: Neil at The Mindful Living Show 2019 3999 1500 Neil Seligman

Powerfully Peaceful: Mindfulness, Performance, and Potential Mindfulness is not only about mental health and counting your breath, it is also about performance, excellence, presence, and potential. If you are inspired to hear the latest on mindfulness and human potential, this…

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10 Key Qualities of Resilient Professionals

10 Key Qualities of Resilient Professionals 4896 3224 Neil Seligman

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling,  but in rising every time we fall.”  – Nelson Mandela  There are many aspects of life that fall outside of our control.  Our daily experience delivers the unexpected and the unwanted, as well…

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