5 Pathways To Peace

5 Pathways To Peace

5 Pathways To Peace 1920 1080 Neil Seligman

Learning To Let Go This Summer

If you let go a little, you will have a little peace.
If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.
Ajahn Chah

Even though the seasons seem to roll by increasingly quickly as I get older, I have learned to more fully appreciate the energetic variance of each month as it passes. For me, August is a special one – it feels like the December of the Summer – full of gaps and space crying out to be filled with travel, adventures and reflection – all of my favourite things! August also comes with a sneaky challenge: the challenge of letting go. How easy do you find it to let go of your work, your ambitions, and your projects – and release into flow, enjoyment, spontaneity and joy? Not so easy eh!? I hear you. So, this month, let me offer five little suggestions to help you ease your way into, well, ease.

1 Let Go of Discipline

When I gave up my legal career and jumped into the unknown I had two guides – the inner voice that had called me and my meditation teacher, Georgina (who I remain a devoted student to this day). As I landed back in my life and started looking around for what next, Georgina’s first challenge to me was to let go of discipline. It took me a long while to realise that this temporary release was crucial in getting re-acquainted with my creativity, my adventurous nature and my happiness. I have since become a big advocate for the release of discipline in order to cultivate the joyful spontaneity of the human condition. May I, therefore, give you permission to let go of discipline (waves wand) for whatever portion of August feels right for you – in order to remember the innate joie de vivre that can sometimes get squashed in all that clever busy stuff you do.

2 Let Go of Your Phone

Seriously. Put it down. (Well you can finish reading this, but after that, ok?) August is a time when you have more time to be on your device but less excuse really. So why not role-model your version of a digital detox this month? After all, we all know that the algorithm is cleverer than us by a billionth degree. It knows how to lure you in and turn you into a scroll-faced bear. So, even if it’s no phones at mealtimes – no phones in the bedroom – or no phones between 10am and 3pm on hols – let this be your reminder that life is out there, not in the black mirror.

3 Let Go of Your Identity

Each year at least once I try to go away on my own for a little while – somewhere where nobody knows me. I have always enjoyed adventuring solo and I am extremely fortunate that handsome Jack tolerates this trait with such generosity. As a practice, the value of releasing yourself in this way is getting to discover who you have become and flirt with who you are becoming, away from any expectations or familiar patterns. If this resonates – take a little trip – even for a day, to do something new where you get to meet others and yourself anew.

4 Let Go of Old Habits

The energy of August is like a powerful river – as it takes you to pastures new you can also release that which is no longer needed. Are there some habits or crutches that feel sticky or historical? You can let August help you throw off the old way and discover the new. In other words, let August have its way with you. By September you’ll be brand new and ready for anything.

5 Pro-Challenge: Let Go of Control

With August comes the potential stress bundle of travel. Delays, cancellations, late baggage and more seem to abound this year more than ever as the industry creaks back into action. If you find yourself out of luck with the travel fairies this August, can I remind you that where circumstances are out of your control, the sane way through is founded on releasing your attachment to expectation and practicing acceptance? Accepting unchangeable facts and optimising your experience from there is the antidote to frustration and rage. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little vent but move from that into pro-active optimism as quickly as your practice allows.

And with that – I wish you an August of joyful discoveries within and without.

Inhale with ease.
Exhale to let go.

And remember our motto for August: Easy is right.

Neil Seligman


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