Introducing Conscious Leadership

Introducing Conscious Leadership

Introducing Conscious Leadership 1920 1080 Neil Seligman

Conscious Leadership is the journey out of fear. 

It is a journey of self-discovery, adventure, inspiration and revelation, promising a growing appreciation of your brilliant self as you travel towards a clear and fearless state of mind.

All are welcome on this adventure, because you are a leader, whether you know it yet or not. You are a leader at work, in your community, at home and of yourself as the guardian of your choices, words and actions. You are a leader, whether it appears in your job title or not. You are a leader, even if nobody recognizes it yet but you and me.

You are the creator of your impact, large or small, and each of your thoughts, words and deeds are at this very moment moving as ripples through the connective matrix of this world. Participating with awareness in this process is what makes you a leader. Nothing more, nothing less.

For millennia, human beings have been on similar journeys of self-discovery, pursuing knowledge, power, health, wealth, purpose, happiness and excellence. The human drive to look outwards, go further, run faster and build taller continues to inspire amazing feats of performance, science, engineering, medicine and technological mastery.

Yet while the human race has achieved great things, we have also fearfully led our world towards significant problems, environmentally, socially and politically. Our societies work well for some and poorly for many, and we find ourselves poised at a moment in history where fresh solutions can only emerge from an entirely new paradigm of leadership consciousness.

The world is crying out for leaders who are conscious: aware, awake, connected. We need leaders that understand that leadership is not about I say and you do, but about I welcome and we create. In short, Conscious Leadership is first on the dancefloor of presence.

This then is the new paradigm of leadership that you are invited to investigate, co-create and move into your world. While Conscious Leadership sets the bar high, it also meets you exactly where you are. There are no access requirements apart from a curiosity to explore and the courage to look within.

The first chapter of the book offers the foundations for Conscious Leadership by outlining tools and practices to build Self-Knowledge. These include developing a vision for your future, identifying your values, considering the concept of right action and communicating your goals, needs and desires effectively. 

In the Self-Maintenance chapter, the focus shifts to the human body and mind as we consider how to optimize and fully explore the physical form through which we express our lives.

In the Self-Management and Self-Development chapters, you are invited to refresh your knowledge and build new skills to enable you to deal well with stress, change and the ups and downs of life. Outlook and mindset are also supported here as the importance of happiness, emotional intelligence, self-compassion and gratitude are underlined. The final chapter, on Self-Realization, draws together all of the work that has been done over the course of the book and offers insights on excellence, alignment and leading others.

Your guide on this journey is no guru or master but a fellow traveller offering a set of time-tested principles, lessons and theories that may provide inspiration for your next step. At every stage you remain the captain of your own vessel, and it is you who selects your next move.

Whether you lead a business of thousands, are at the start of your entrepreneurial journey, or are a worker, teacher, parent or student, remember that ultimately leadership is how you engage with yourself, your choices and the people around you. 

More subtly, it is the vibrational impact that arrives with you when you walk in the room, felt by others before you even speak. 

Wherever you are on your leadership journey, this book aims to champion your efforts by providing theory, direction and companionship on your path.



📚Excerpt from Conscious Leadership – Self Mastery At Work by Neil Seligman (📇Conscious House, 2024)

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