Neil Seligman on HERE.together Podcast

Neil Seligman on HERE.together Podcast

Neil Seligman on HERE.together Podcast 1200 628 Neil Seligman

I am very excited to announce that my podcast appearance with HERE.together Podcast is now live!

Here’s the episode description:

Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could take our full, relaxed, connected and authentic selves everywhere, including to work? Wouldn’t it be better if leaders of all kinds could lead from a place of mindfulness, self-awareness, and peaceful power? If Consciousness and Corporateness coexisted wouldn’t they create something new and revolutionary?

Guest Bio:
Our guest today is Neil Seligman.  He was a trial lawyer – or Barrister –  in England for 8 years, but his interest in Consciousness and meditation pre-dated his law career. It wasn’t until he ditched the day job and spent several years exploring his inner and outer worlds that he saw how to connect mindfulness practice with corporate life and productivity.

Now Neil trains and coaches professionals in a wide variety of “conscious skills,” and speaks at prestigious corporate events and seminars around the world, from Europe to America, Asia, and Australia. Having immersed himself in mindfulness since his teens, Neil combines his authentic passion for the practice with unrivalled professional expertise in his pioneering business, Conscious Corporate Consultancies. His insight and compelling enthusiasm leave his audiences inspired, energized and armed with practical ways to reach their highest potential.

We are so pleased to bring you our conversation with the calm, grounded, and utterly delightful Neil Seligman.  If you don’t relate to the corporate angle, don’t worry – there is a ton in our talk that relates to personal growth and using mindfulness to make pretty much everything more joyful and functional. 



Mindfulness and Conscious Leadership Expert, Neil Seligman is dedicated to delivering inspiring learning experiences and catalysing conscious creativity in all aspects of life and business. 

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