Neil Seligman on Unleashing Potential

Neil Seligman on Unleashing Potential

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I am very excited to announce that my podcast appearance with Unleashing Potential Podcast is now live!

Here’s the episode description:

In this episode Mat chats with Neil Seligman about the evolution of leadership and how conscious companies are outperforming the competition. Neil is a London-based mindfulness advocate and conscious leadership pioneer who has authored two books; 100 Mindfulness Meditations and Conscious Leadership.

In his late twenties, Neil had a moment of insight when he decided to abandon his career as a Barrister (Trial Lawyer) and set off in a new direction. It has taken a while but he now feels fully aligned in his work. He loves inspiring people to make powerful decisions for themselves and to take care of their well-being and happiness along the way.

On The Unleashing Potential Podcast, we interview progressive individuals who are unleashing their potential on the world around them. We take a deep dive into how they got to where they are, what lessons they have learned along the way, and how their experiences can impact us all.

In this conversation Mat and Neil discuss the role emotional intelligence plays in the journey of self-mastery and how the evolution of conscious leadership is helping companies outperform their competition.

As a special treat, Neil guided a short meditation practice that centered around one of the most commonly cited challenges our client report; lack of time. This ‘live’ practice served to demonstrate the power of mindfulness and how accessible it is to every person on the planet.

This is a fascinating and ‘flowy’ conversation that will deepen your perspective on the important role mindfulness can have in your professional and personal life. Chuck in your earbuds and give it a listen – if you like this episode, please share it.



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