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Neil Seligman: The Mindful Guide to Surviving Brexit

Brexit is, as ever, a concerning issue for most of us. With all off this uncertainty, it is hard to feel comfortable and centred at times. Never fear, Neil offers a guide on how to make the whole thing seem a little more bearable…

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*TV Mindfulness Expert and Conscious Visionary, Neil Seligman is dedicated to sharing the power of mindfulness globally, transforming lives, and inspiring excellence in all aspects of human endeavour. He is the Founder of The Conscious Professional, the Author of 100 Mindfulness Meditations, and the Originator of Soul Portrait Photography. As a sought-after mindfulness teacher and life coach, Neil has been featured by the BBC, The Mirror, Yoga Magazine, Best Magazine, Psychologies, OmYoga Magazine, Attitude, Soul & Spirit Magazine, and more.