This inspiring collection of audio guided meditations accompanies Neil Seligman’s first book, 100 Mindfulness Meditations. Purchase now and find your way to relaxation, tranquility and inner calm.

List of Tracks:
1 Silent Meditation 20:36
2 Connecting with the Breath 6:30
3 Body Scan 12:39
4 Meeting Mind 7:35
5 Naming Thoughts Emotions and Judgments 9:33
6 Slowing Down 6:21
7 Contentedness Practice 7:14
8 Growing Compassion 8:23
9 De-Stress 5:57
10 The Path 6:18

“So centering, grounding, and uplifting. Many thanks!”

“That was probably the deepest into meditation I’ve gotten so far… I feel as though my thoughts were tangible, rather than just abstract visions. Wonderful, I feel so light.”

“I love the voice on this meditation. It is very soothing. This was a wonderful short meditation to help ground me.”

“I have been listening to this every day for weeks now. I still think it is perfect. Thank you!”

“I’m loving your meditations! Although I’ve been meditating on and off for years, this was a great help getting back on track and could be a really great lead into meditation. Thanks again.”

“Wow, such an extraordinary meditation and I look forward to practicing mindfulness with my mind. So helpful. Thank you!”